Whilst driving, especially on unmade roads, whilstling noises can be heard coming from the rear suspension. This fault diagnosis can only be carried out after     See table S015 VEHICLE RUNNING NOISE . Carry out the latter first.
If the problem is only on one side, carry out the checks and any necessary operations on the appropriate side only
Results of the tests
0PRELIMINARY CHECKSAll OKProblems metOperation
Having carried out the road test during the See table    S15 RUMOROSITA'' in condizioni di marcia, a whistling noise was noticed coming from the back.Continue depending on the circumstances in which the noise occursEnd of diagnosisThe noise increases round bendsReplace the wheel bearing on the side where the noise is loudest Op.    4450C32
The noise increases round bendsContinue to Step 1
The noise increases round bendsRefit the elements correctly. If necessary, replace the faulty components
1BRAKE DISC GUARD CHECKAll OKProblems metOperation
With the vehicle on the ground, get underneath it using a trolley and visually inspect the clearance between the brake disc and the guardContinue to Step 2No clearance between the guard and the discRefit the elements correctly. If necessary, replace the faulty components
Check that the noise is not due to friction between the shock absorber stem and the sealEnd of diagnosisThere is frictionLubricate the stem with a layer of silicon grease. If the noise persists, replace the shock absorber. Op.    4420A30