192004475 - WHEEL GEOMETRY (unladen vehicle) (*)

1.2 16V1.4 16V1.6 16V1.8 16V2.4 20V
Front suspensionCamber (angles cannot be adjusted)-40''±30''-40''±30''-40''±30''-40''±30''-40''±30''
Caster (angles cannot be adjusted)2°53''±30''2°53''±30''2°53''±30''2°53''±30''2°53''±30''
Toe in-1±1 mm-1±1 mm-1±1 mm-1±1 mm-1±1 mm
Front wheel offset (1)
Rear suspensionCamber (angles cannot be adjusted)-55''±30''-55''±30''-55''±30''-55''±30''-55''±30''
Caster (angles cannot be adjusted)-----
Toe in-3±2 mm-3±2 mm-3±2 mm-3±2 mm-3±2 mm
Rear wheel thrust angle (1)
(1) Angles cannot be adjusted, used for the correct alignment of the vehicle(*) With the tyres inflated to the recommended pressure, the vehicle in running order with a full fuel tank