199002363 - 1056B82 INJECTION/IGNITION SYSTEM E.C.U. (ONE) - R + R

Removing ( Refitting )
If the injection/ignition system control unit is replaced, run the following self-learning procedure.- Turn the ignition key ON and start the engine.- If the injection warning light in the instrument panel flashes, this means that the initialization must be carried out.- With the engine running, wait until it warms up without pressing the accelerator pedal (coolant temperature more than or equal to 77 °C).- With the gear lever in neutral, carry out at least three accelerations until the recommended speed of 6000 rpm is reached; after each acceleration release the accelerator pedal completely and wait for the revs to go down to the idle figure (1000 rpm).- If the injection warning light continues flashing at the end of the operation, this means that the initialization is not completed; continue with the acceleration following the methods described previously until the warning light goes out.- Turn the ignition OFF and wait for at least one minute for the information to be recorded permanently in the memory.
- Disconnect the negative battery terminal.1. Disconnect electrical connections (1a), unscrew nuts (1b) and remove control unit (1c).
1aEngine management control unit    See M010 ENGINE MANAGEMENT ECU
Refitting ( Removing ) - Fit the control unit in its seat and tighten the nuts to the recommended torque.
ComponentFasteningdia  Value (daNm)Validity
Injection/ignition system control unitNutM60.7 ÷ 0.91.2 8v1.4 8v1.4 16v
- Connect the electrical connections for the control unit.- Connect the negative battery terminal (-).